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julylan22score:1.0 / 52020-02-28

e03793119score:5.0 / 52020-02-13

Xiangshan in close proximity, accessibility
gwx605519245score:5.0 / 52020-01-13

Se encuentra bien situado, a 10 min ennlinea recta de las pagodas y a 5 min de la estación de bus. Habitación de matrimonio muy amplia y muy buena atención. Fueron amables en dejarnos las maletas fuera del checkout para tour.
wadeascore:4.5 / 52019-11-15

Transport facilities, River, scenery, hotel public areas renovated very special, and can play billiards, but the room, facilities, no 5th, 6th floor, there is one less, spring prices are so expensive, well after the Spring Festival, generally worth staying at!
am0722score:4.8 / 52019-11-06

Very good location, on the River, and also very convenient very clean.
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