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  • e00178990
    Near the Peach Blossom River, Riverview is beautiful, one day the road is Riverside. foreign smell very strong, many foreigners stay, bosses are very enthusiastic, fly in the ointment that toilet is too small
  • angelbaby525
    Good book, hotel is very good, very cozy, clean and quiet! next time you visit Guilin wants to continue to live.
  • Alice bian
    Owners and staff were very friendly, location is good, the environment particularly well, chic lobby, backyard, Riverside, great surrounding and convenient transportation.
  • guoguo09
    Makes no difference whether the balcony, it's just a little fun
  • garva
    Fortunately, River room, urban area, the price is good
  • leicumt
    Owners and staff were very friendly, also offers free parking spaces. hotel location, river edge, nice and quiet, either walk or take a bus tour of Guilin is very convenient.
  • erinliu2000
    A very good environment.
  • dalian wan
    Location too far! not recommended!
  • e06017831
    Very quiet location in downtown, the service is also very good, highly recommended!
  • wfo0291152
    Hotel has a warm feeling of the European family hotels breakfast very good location nice view out of the window next to the Peach Blossom River
  • fu731123
    Nice is known as the river do not see outside the wooded. There is room the bedside light leakage, is quite good
  • netsnower
    Are very general
  • ryan0305
    Nice is a surprise, the boss is also very good, around near the town, bus station, train station, next time.
  • jin_2008
    Convenient, friendly, small problems are resolved quickly, the next time you come
  • baoyun1234
    Hotel is average and the rooms also have a flavor, wash all utensils have to bring your own air conditioning, spam killer, the price is not low, it is estimated that foreign people, tour the Lijiang River do not make reservations for hotels, much more expensive than others! one word-pit-
  • anntam
    Good location, convenient. environment can also, employer service very friendly
  • extrastm
    Hotel has a warm feeling of the European family hotels breakfast very good location nice view out of the window next to the Peach Blossom River
  • gf198708
    After high-speed rail can sit under 1 dollar double-decker bus to the hotel, staff are very nice, from the elephant trunk Hill attractions are also close, could walk, so it is convenient
  • santorini2011
    This hotel location very good, from Guilin bus station walk 10 minutes on can to, and hotel of economic standard room, price reasonable, two Zhang bed are very big, most important of is front desk one guy very enthusiasm, polite, is patience to told we location, hotel around is quiet, travel convenient, near on has a Chun remember burn goose. anyway, this hotel is I to Guilin live of price highest of hotel, facilities completely reached three star, recommended members staying.
  • tracy623
    A good boss, and live again!
  • loretta521
    Good location and river views, walking distance to the Chun Kee Roast goose, Xiangshan Park
  • gwx605519245
    Se encuentra bien situado, a 10 min ennlinea recta de las pagodas y a 5 min de la estación de bus. Habitación de matrimonio muy amplia y muy buena atención. Fueron amables en dejarnos las maletas fuera del checkout para tour.
  • will6007
    Fried chicken warm boss, asking for directions will give a definite answer, will remind guests of some things to avoid
  • silverdaisy
    Also, a large room, location is convenient
  • julylan22
  • Julio71
    Well, has a hanging balcony, very convenient, more affordable
  • e01442166
    A warm environment, supporting comprehensive, convenient, quiet.
  • e02670370
    Nice hotel
  • NancyLyee
    Location and Xiangshan Park are very close to station, gate is bustling Zhongshan Road. Chun Kee Roast goose and pedestrian street is close by, which is very good. But hotel rooms surges, but did not provide a one-time dental equipment, these things can be worth the money, do not understand why it cannot be provided free.
  • caojian005
    Xiangshan district is located in, is very convenient, we arrived quite late, owner big brother watching us, thanks a lot. but room smell and I do not know why.
  • leiyuanfa
    Location is good anywhere convenient at reasonable prices right clean suit poor young people swim
  • allan321
    Accessibility, was very close to the attractions, nearby restaurants more, easy to eat, shopping convenience
  • colinac
    Landscape is very good on the first floor, in a quiet, nice, very nice!
  • bobowang_2323
    Peach Blossom River, nice
  • e03793119
    Xiangshan in close proximity, accessibility
  • gml_239
    Nice hotel, if national day to choose from, certainly wants to live across the Han court, compared with cheaper. Apart from outside the hotel, good location, nothing special, breakfast was expensive, facilities are old, advocated environmental protection not provided disposable items.
  • sunbird1111
    Lot of foreigner, the price is very affordable for backpackers
  • laurence6990
    Overall. due to the rush for breakfast in the hotel, 38 a bit expensive.
  • jing_sun
    Very very good!~ is near the bus station, convenient rooms small, but very clean and tidy ~ also have balconies, Riverside scenery is very good ~ floor terrace, have books and computers, recreational and play cards with friends ~ boss ~ very enthusiastic recommendation!~
  • alily531
    Good location, City Center, not far from the railway station bus station, taxi could not go, only to the road and walk about 100 meters ... room was clean, simple facility also is complete. is the hot water temperature is not enough. in General, do not pick the travellers, value for money was good.
  • scott_ouyang
    Hotel near the Center, the transportation is convenient, cost-effective service, will stay again.
  • wadea
    Transport facilities, River, scenery, hotel public areas renovated very special, and can play billiards, but the room, facilities, no 5th, 6th floor, there is one less, spring prices are so expensive, well after the Spring Festival, generally worth staying at!
  • e00131226
    A bit difficult to locate. A small building housed a simple and nice hostel. Clean, and natural decorations. My room was spacious and have got a nice view. Attendants were friendly. I love the wooden frames and stairs very much.
  • gangxiaobei
    A very good environment! quiet, cost-effective service, less TV